martes, 27 de agosto de 2013


In July 2006, two young old rockers joined their ways and their destinations. Walter Alba (lead guitar) and JJ (drums and vocals), decided to explore new areas of rock as opened as their minds.

Blending the talent of the first and the experience of the second in a singular cocktail, they were distilling this particular brew that is now known as LOCAL 9.

Working with no stop and always under the baton of Walter Alba, the band got to work to find a bass player who would fit into the project. After several attempts and already in February 2008, David Marques did like a glove, adding to LOCAL 9 the strength and creativity needed.

In July 2011, the band underwent a makeover with the arrival of Jose Luis Galan (rhythmic guitar), contributing and infecting the rest of the band with their enthusiasm and dedication.

In novenber 2013 joined definitely LOCAL 9 our friend and gifted valencian rock voice Juanba NADAL.

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